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French curriculum schools in Canada: AEFE schools

You wish to enroll your child or children at a French curriculum school in Canada.

The eight French-program schools of the Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger (AEFE) educate more than 7,000 students in Canada each year.  These schools offer a world-class education that is open to the host country and based on the high standards of French education.

These schools accommodate French expatriate students, students from the host country, and students from other countries. They draw on this diversity with pedagogical innovation and an open mind by emphasizing the learning of languages.

These schools are part of a massive global network (137 countries, 495 establishments, 342,000 students) that allow students to pursue an uninterrupted course of study from kindergarten to graduation (from age 2 to 18), from one establishment to another and from one country to another.

The eight French curriculum schools in Canada
Ottawa, Lycée Claudel http://www.claudel.org/
Québec, Collège Stanislas http://www.stanislas.qc.ca/quebec/
Montréal, Collège Stanislas http://www.stanislas.qc.ca/montreal/
Montréal, Collège international Marie de France http://www.cimf.ca/
Toronto, Lycée Français de Toronto http://lft.ca/fr/
Toronto, Toronto French School http://www.tfs.ca/
Calgary, Lycée Louis Pasteur http://www.lycee.ca/
Vancouver, Ecole française internationale Cousteau http://www.efiv.org/

Further information

Network of French schools in North America: http://fisna.org/


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