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« Dis-moi dix mots » Contest Launch

October 07, 2015 | By francecanadaculture French Language

« Dis-moi dix mots » is a French-language awareness campaign that runs all school year long. It is organized by France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication. For this initiative, the Ministry of National Education organizes creative academic contests where students are invited to play with a set of ten words and to use them in a literary or artistic fashion.

This year, the contest invites students to discover French as it is spoken in the different countries of the Francophonie with the ten following words: from France, “chafouin” and “fada”; from Quebec, “poudrerie” and “dépanneur”; from Belgium, “lumerotte” and “dracher”; from Switzerland, “ristrette” and “vigousse”; from Haiti, “tap-tap”; and from Congo, “champagné”.

This contest is open not only to French public and private schools but also to affiliated French schools under the umbrella of the Agency for French Education Abroad [Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger (AEFE)] and the Mission laïque française. It is also open to French and bilingual classes (FLE/FSL) at secondary schools outside of France.

For more information and details about how to enter, visit the contest website:


Xavier Moquet
Education Attaché

Lise Bessiere
Education Officer
Central management of Delf-Dalf in Canada

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