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Enhanced Francophone Book Award

March 14, 2017 | By francecanadaculture Canada
Award presentation ceremony featuring Brigitte Proucelle, Cultural Counsellor at the Embassy of France in Ottawa, and Anne-Marie Trudel, director of the Salon du livre de l’Outaouais.

The Embassy of France in Canada’s Prix du livre enrichi francophone pour la jeunesse [Enhanced Francophone Book Award for Young Authors], organized in collaboration with the Salon du livre de l’Outaouais, aims to promote French expertise and digital innovation in the world of publishing.

Enhanced books, augmented books… though the names and the technology might differ, the results are the same: a new way of looking at publishing that aims to redefine the practices and usages of the industry. These innovations—a key factor in the evolution that publishing business models will see over the coming years—herald a revolution in the publishing world.

The award recognizes and rewards desire for innovation in Francophone publishing. The young authors edition, a trailblazing market for new digital trends, is given the spotlight for the first edition, which was held during the Salon du livre de l’Outaouais on February 23–26. 2017.

2017 Winners

1st prize: Véronique Fontaine for the novel La Reine-Et-Que-Ca-Saute

2nd prize: Léna Mazilu for Chouette

On February 26th, after receiving their awards, the two authors took part in a roundtable discussion with the title Le livre et le numérique font-ils bon ménage ? [Books and digital technology: do they make a good pair?].

They also organized workshops for children at Francophone schools in the Ottawa area.

This first edition of the Prix du livre enrichi was a success: with 23 works in the running, it was definitely not easy for our jury to decide! Here is a complete list of entrants and their fantastic work, in the order that we received them:

1) Pour tout l’or du monde by Cathy Dutruch (author), Juliette Lancien (illustrator), and Jean-Marco Montalto (narrator). Available on the iBooks Store and on the respective websites of the publishing company La Souris Qui Raconte and the interactive publishing distributor Carte à Lire.

2) La bonne farce by the students of Moyenne Section A from Lycée Français de Chicago. Available on Vimeo, Wordpress, and Youtube.

3) Conte du haut de mon crâne by Séverine Vidal (author), Claire Fauché (illustrator), and Cécile Givernet (narrator). Available on the website of publishing house La Souris Qui Raconte – App Store (application) – iBooks Store (enhanced ePub3) – Google Play – Amazon Shop.

4) Le Livre Papillon by Marine Locatelli (author), Claire Fauché (illustrator), and Jean-Marco Montalto (narrator). Available on the website of publishing house La Souris Qui Raconte, the App Store, and Google Play.

5) Du Monde dans ta cuisine by Carole Saturno and Thomas Baas. Published by Gallimard Jeunesse.

6) Un poil de liberté by Caroline Therrien, published by Éditions Panda. Available on Apple and Kobo and in bookstores.

7) Copain ? by Charlotte Gastaut, published by Albin Michel Jeunesse.

8) Il est l’heure d’aller au lit maintenant ! by Edouard Manceau, published by Albin Michel Jeunesse.

9) Peur du noir moi ? by Magali Le Huche, published by Albin Michel Jeunesse.

10) Chouette ! by Lena Mazilu, published by Albin Michel Jeunesse.

11) Googaloos Aventures: Les Pierres de Pouvoir by R.G. Hemm, printed by Les Créations R.G. Hemm Inc. (publisher).

12) Le garçon aux grandes oreilles by Ahmed Bouzzine and Vincent Farges, published by Éditions Tralalère. Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac.

13) Meuh où est Gertrude ? by Benoit Dutrizac (author) and Bellebrute (illustrator), published by Éditions Fonfon. Available for iOS and Android tablets.

14) Rond, Dodu et Grassouillet by Madeleine Allard and Hélène Desputeaux. Available on the Apple Store for iPad.

15) Lielos (L’autre monde) by Jean-Pierre Veillet. Available in hard copy and on Amazon.

16) Une étrange affaire de sapin rôti, une enquête de Gaston Dupont by Karine Lambert. Hard-copy book with educational materials also hosted on the author’s website (

17) Le vendeur de goyaves by Ugo Monticone. Available on iPad.

18) Le rêve de Bébé lutin by Denis Boivin, based on the original concept by Régis Tremblay and Nadia Perron. Hard-copy book, with animated short films on YouTube and on the Génie Lutin website.

19) Les Aventures de Radisson tome 3 by Martin Fournier. Available in EPUB and PDF formats.

20) Un à zéro pour Charlot by Jannick Lachapelle (text) and Pierre Girard/PisHier (illustrator). Published by Éditions Fonfon for iOS and Android tablets.

21) La Reine Et-Que-Ça-Saute by Caroline Allard (text) and Guillaume Perreault (illustrations). Published by Éditions Fonfon for iOS and Android tablets.

22) Le coq qui avait perdu son cri by Marie-C. Lachance. Published by Éditions Alaska.

23) Le recueil aux 1001 péripéties by the 6ème 5 class from Collège Stanislas de Montréal.


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