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Programme éducatif Croisé France - New Brunswick

July 07, 2014 | By francecanadaculture French Language

2014/2015: Year 4 of the Programme croisé France - New Brunswick

The "Programme croisé" France-New Brunswick results from the signing of a letter of intent by the ministers Kelly Lamrock and Xavier Darcos, declaring their intention to “commit to bilateral cooperation with respect to education and, in particular, to explore the creation, in a New Brunswick public school, of a Franco-Acadian section likely to diversify its educational offer.”

After this letter of intent, an agreement was signed on January 27, 2011 between the académie de Rouen and the New Brunswick "District scolaire francophone Sud", to establish a "Section franco-acadienne" in the Amirault Elementary School, Dieppe, New Brunswick. This program is made possible through a teachers' exchange. The first exchange took place in 2011/2012, and the 4th in a row will take place in 2014/2015.

In 2013/2014 the French teacher posted in Dieppe (NB) was Mrs Luce Guignery, and the Canadian teacher posted in Rouen was Mrs Nathalie Allain. It worked so well that both teachers and their administrations have just decided to conduct it again with the same teachers in 2014/2015.

On the French side, having a Canadian teacher working in a primary school in the "académie de Rouen" offers French teachers a unique insight into the Canadian educational philosophy and system. The Canadian teacher posted in France in 2013/2014, Mrs Allain, has on several occasions been asked by the academie to talk about the Canadian system and analyze the differences between both educational systems.

Read the interview of Mrs Allain, who points out some differences in a very precise way (interview conducted in March 2014 by the "Délégation académique aux Relations internationales et européennes -DAREIC- de l'académie de Rouen"):


Mrs Allain, the Canadian teacher working in the académie de Rouen in 2013/2014 and 2014/2015

What Mrs Allain brings is unvaluable, and the doors she opens are a great opportunity for many of the teachers and consultants in the academie de Rouen who have had the opportunity and pleasure to meet her so far.

On the Canadian side, the "Section franco-acadienne opened in Dieppe (NB) in September 2011, with two kindergarten classes. This unique program is free and open to students of all linguistic origins. It offers teachings based on the educational objectives of both France’s Ministère de l’Education Nationale and those of the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. It keeps growing, running, in 2013/2014, from Kindergarten to year 2.

Every year since 2011, a teacher has been coming from France to Dieppe (NB) to teach in the "Section franco-acadienne", while a Canadian teacher has been reciprocally working in France, allowing for a fruitful exchange of skills.

Today, both sides agree to say that the Programme Croisé is fulfilling their expectations and is more and more worth supporting.

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